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Job Title:              ShiftManager

Job Location:      Denver,CO

Job Posting ID:   4364

Date Posted:       2019-10-25

  1. JOB SUMMARY : Position has the primary responsibility for all shift custodial operations at the Airport. Insures consistent, timely, and satisfactory delivery of said services as outlined in airport contract documents. Responsible for the timely and accurate input of employee information into the payroll system on a daily basis. Also responsible for adequate follow-up to ensure the satisfactory completion of assignments.

    Must be able to communicate effectively with all management team members, custodial personnel, subcontractors, client representatives, union representatives, and the traveling public.


    Key Function #1: Contract Compliance – Must possess a comprehensive knowledge of the specifications outlined in the airport contract, and possess the ability to ensure that these specifications are met. Maintains ultimate responsibility for insuring the compliance of subcontractors on his or her respective shift.

    Key Function #2: Payroll Input – Responsible for the input of accurate employee information into the payroll system on a daily basis in a timely manner.

    Key Function #3: Scheduling – Must be able to effectively deploy and oversee both management and custodial personnel to ensure both maximum efficiency and contract compliance.

    Key Function #3: Communication / Customer Service – Must be able to interface in a highly professional manner, both orally and in writing, with all persons within the facility. This includes the public, airport and airline representatives, custodial personnel, subcontractors, and the union. Must be skilled at resolving disputes in a manner amenable to all parties concerned.

    Key Function #4: Cost Controls – Must be able to effectively maintain allotted budgets for personnel, supplies, and equipment. Must possess the ability to effective utilize existing resources in a creative, effective manner to maintain budget guidelines and maximize account productivity and profitability.

    Key Function #5: Inspection and Follow-Up – Must be able to provide continuous review of work in progress, and ensure that it is completed in a satisfactory and timely manner. Must be proactive in recognizing and eliminating potential future problem areas. Must perform the required number of weekly inspections.

    Key Function #6: Training – Must be able to ensure that new employees are adequately trained, and that all employees receive comprehensive ongoing training related to their assigned tasks. Directly trains subordinate management personnel. Conducts ongoing training for both management team members and custodial employees.

    Key Function #7: Safety – Always exhibits a positive attitude towards safety, and ensures that all employees obey the company Safety Policies. Always exhibits a positive attitude towards Safety, and ensures that all employees work safely.

    Insures that all worker’s compensation requirements regarding injury reporting, accident investigation, and use of the Axiom nurse care line are met.


  • Must be physically able to walk, stand, and “be on your feet” for a minimum of 6 hours of an 8 hour shift.

  • Must be physically able to perform supervisory duties in outdoor settings and inclement weather.

  • Must be able to lift, carry, and push up to 35 pounds.

  • Must have and maintain a valid Colorado driver’s license

  • Must become and remain certified in American Red Cross CPR and First Aid (company provides training).

  • Must be able to speak, read, write, and communicate effectively in English.

  • Must demonstrate and maintain a high level of computer literacy, and be able to complete various administrative computer-based tasks (including inspection software) in English. Must be able to write in a legible and competent manner in English.

  • Performs other duties as requested or required by Deputy Site Manager or Site Manager.

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